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      Quick and to the point. Have had Tinnitus for over 35 years

      = Have Unilateral Menieres in final state on Right Side (Totally different story) (1991-Present)
      - Hearing -70dB right and -25dB left
      = Bilateral Tinnitus with dominance on Right side (See Above)
      - General Intensity: Perceived as a 50-60dB tonal
      = Sounds like: Sirens with more intensity on right side. About 3khz with very little warble, NO heartbeat pulsing
      = Tinnitus type: Subjective with brain not receiving stimuli. With stimulus, (Masking, improves but does not remove)
      = How bad does it get?: So bad I want to scream. (Kidding, sort of) For me Silence (Quiet room) is not golden, it drives me insane.

      Things that I use but the efficacy is diminishing as my right side Menieres has impacted hearing.
      - Music I know by heart and similar via headphones (Balanced for Hearing
      +Diazepam- (2Mg Not for Tinnitus, but does work in synergy with Melatonin to sleep)
      + Siemens 701 Pure with Tinnitus input mask (Dual aids with masking on Right)
      -Two years
      +Adaptive therapy
      - Relaxation and Music

      What has not worked?
      -Arches or other Herbal/Homeopathic
      -Diuretic/BP meds
      - Mood elevators/Anti-depressants
      - Potentially enjoyable, but does not resolve tinnitus

      Bottom line, I live with it, accept it as "my little friend". But recognize, it will not disappear


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      Loud noise
      @Ossipon , I've had T for over 3 years, was your life worth living?
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      For me it is "life but not as most know it" Mine came from an Inner Ear infection in College. I know Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton and many others who are successful have tinnitus. I think I have been lucky. I still can hear (Sorta), I still can see. I still can touch...
      The worst part is stress. Stress and Tinnitus sensitivity for me go hand in hand. When not stressed, I better cope with the ringing. As I say in my intro. I have tried Meds, Herbals and other things. None really work. I will say though I do remember the last time I did not have any tinnitus. It was coming out of anesthesia after Surgery for a Vestibular Shunt. I did not have the right side ring noticeable for almost three days. But, I had lost about 40dB in loss from the surgery too. The right side later intensified after the Oto-Toxic injection to destroy the Right Vestibular Canal when the shunt did not work. That was three Years ago. I started using an aid which provides white noise in addition to amplification. It works, but clarity of sound is also hit too.

      Thus, to your question, life is always worth living. It just loses its fun if you let it. I was (Still am) an audiophile. But, things that have lots of stereo separation is now lost.

      My motto and goes with my four rules for life is: Adapt and move on.

      Best of Luck


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