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    1. christian m

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      january 2013
      hi my name is Christian I am a member of the US Air Force and I suffer from tinnitus on my left ear. I got it from noise exposure, I was at the range shooting and shot a couple rounds with out hearing protection and that did it for me. cant blame no one but myself I regret it greatly. I've had it for about 8 months already still getting use to it. they say time will help, well I hope so. when I first got it it was bout a 8/10 after a few months it changed tone and wen down to about a 3 in loudness. recently it started back up loudly and im still fightin it to get by. hoping with time it quiets down again or changes tone at the least. sleeping is a major task I sleep with a fan on everynight and I keep them on around the house contantly. I try to never be in silence which is when its worse. I decided to join here to hear other stories and get motivated, to keep fighting this.
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      Who Knows
      Hi Chris, welcome to TT Fans are my best friends, I use two at night, plus in the winter I use a humidifier in my bedroom, all running at once. Hey what ever works.

      You have come to the right place, lots of stories and helpful info.

      Have you seen an ENT and an audiologist yet. Audiologist will test your hearing. ENT will check out your ears and go over your hearing test with you.

      So far there is no cure, but once you start reading posts here, you will see many things that help people to some degree. I would also check with the VA and ask if there are any type of programs there for T

      About 1/3rd the time mine is at 5-6 then it's 10++++ Been that way for over a year now. Starting to get a better grip on it these last few months.

      How old are you.
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      Hey Christian, welcome. You will find lots of great resources here, and lots of helpful, supportive people. If you are looking for answers to something specific, just put a key word in the "search" field.

      And as Gary suggested: Definitely check out the VA. Tinnitus is a huge problem for veterans and is recognized by their healthcare system as a serious disorder. The Neuromonics company received a grant recently to study tinnitus treatment at VA med centers.

    4. christian m

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      january 2013
      hey gary and ladydi thanks for the responseyou guys. im 24 years old, im young and a long way to go with this. yes I been going to my ent doctor since I got T, we have done a lot of test and injections in my inner ear. I currently wear a hearing air in that ear so its replacing my high frequency hearing loss I have. it helps the tinnitus just a bit but I guess its better then nothing. I haven't looked into the va I did at some point and its a long process and I just didn't go forward with it. I am going to at some point. being here and reading about everyones stories and seing how many people go tthis is crazy. it helps to know im not alone.
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      Hello Christian,
      Glad you found this forum, I have learned so much from everyone and support when my noise is driving me crazy.
      Worldwide group offering suggestions and various treatments from all over. The support is priceless.
    6. christian m

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      january 2013
      whats youre story leah.. how did you get it?

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