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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Peder, May 24, 2016.

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      Hello everybody,

      My name is Peder and i am 29 years old.

      First came to the forum a couple of days ago for some information after googling my problem. So far i have mixed feelings about reading the posts on here. Alot of the stuff scares me and im worried my condition will last for life. But thought i should share my experience in case anybody has a similar story and/or some tips.

      My story is pretty simple. A couple of weeks ago i flew to spain with a friend for a short vacation. During the flight there i noticed a "strange" sensation in my left ear, but didnt think much of it. A couple of nights later when going to bed i first noticed the sound, but managed to fall asleep. At first i didnt notice it much but it has escalated alot and now presents itself as a continously very high pitched sound in my left ear only. At first i was hoping it would wear of by itself, but now 2 and a half week later it is still present and pretty loud - to the extent that i find it really hard to ignore it and focus/disctract my self with other things.

      Anybody here that have gotten the T triggered by a flight and if so any general recommandations for what i should do now? Ive ordered an appointment with my doctor. Ive already felt a wide range of emotions connected to this and am personally suprised by how fast the brain will steer towards negative thoughts.

      Thanks for reading.

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      tetanus shot
      i also have mine for the 1st time and its a shock to me since i use my ears alot for music mixing/recording and such. yours might probably have been cause by sudden air pressure. setting an appointment is good. it also helps to not think of it too much, allow the brain to readjust to environment sounds again and interpret it. it also helped me to not be in very very silent environment, it seems the ringing is more noticeable that way. i often play sot music from my mobile phone when i go to sleep this helps me to concentrate on the music and going to sleep and ignoring the ringing. IMHO

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