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      I have had T for 3 years now. Initially it was hell. I then had 2 years of habituation. Life was fine I could sleep at night I felt fine. 4 days ago it went wild loud and high tones I'm in a right state can't sleep I wear ear plugs when I sleep as I stay in a lot of hotels they obviously are making it worse now. Is this just a glip? Will I return to habituation. I'm at my wits end. Advice please. X
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      You'll be fine.

      Can you attribute the increase in tinnitus to anything? You didn't take new medication, went to loud concerts or anything like that, had an ear infection?

      This type of thing is very typical though, I've seen it time after time.

      First you get tinnitus, you get habituated, then years after something triggers it off, and you need to rehabituate, which takes some time, but is definitely not impossible!

      Rest assured, habituation isn't a one time thing. It's actually likely that the habituation will be easier and happen faster than the first time around.

      Best wishes
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