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    1. Louis

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      Tinnitus Since:
      possible since 2003 (from Car Accident- rear ended?)
      Hi everybody- Helpppppppppppp

      Just Noticed I have Tinnitus.

      It just occurred to me after I had a Vertigo episode in October 2012

      I am extremely anxious to learn to solve this ringing - slight to moderate hissing sound in my ears.
      Wow, I did not know I had it until my Vertigo episode

      If any one wants to call me, Please feel freeeeeeeeee to do so, 416 729-3148 Louis

      Thats how determined I am to solve this challenge....................

    2. mock turtle

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      puget sound
      Tinnitus Since:
      07/26/1992...habituated after 2 years; 11/04/11 new outbreak
      Hi Louis

      sorry you are suffering...tinnitus is just plain awful

      tinnitus varies significantly from person to person...the sounds they hear the frequencies the percieeved loudness

      its very important that you proteect you ears from this point forward

      protect your ears from loud noises...in any situation where you have to raise your voice to be heard by the person you are talking to, standing just a few feet away from...get out of that environment, or use ear plugs...and loud tools, motorcycles without a mufler, fire crackers, guns, in ear "buds" (headphones), loud music (loud) all very bad, ...protect your ears

      protect your ears from medications and chemicals that are poisonous to the cochlea these things are called "ototoxic"

      heres a good list to start with


      i am especially susceptible to aminoglycoside antibiotics...ouch

      and you can find out more by using the search terms, ototoxic drugs , or ototoxic medications , or ototoxic chemicals

      it is very important how you "talk to yourself" about tinnitus...if you speak of doom and gloom you will get worse...if you tell yourself "hey this is just a percieved or fake sound thats not real and cant hurt me as long as i dont let it hurt me...and...i will get better"...then you will indeed get better

      many of us here have been "on the ropes" with tinnitus, you are NOT alone...hang in there , its tough but you will get better, i promise...but it takes time AND you must protect your ears as best you can from further injury

      of course this is imp[ossible to do...we all get nailed with set backs, medications we take and the doc didnt know the meds were ototoxic...or driving with the window down and a car going the other way backfires...ouch (or my nemesis, plug in head phones and an accidne causes the volume to get tuned up all the way...i rip the headphones from my head and cry) so set backs will happen but try to take as much care as you can

      its a good idea to see a doctor as sometimes medical conditions that are treatable are involved and there are very rare but sometimes serious medical issues that con sometimes pertain to tinnitus...so get qualified medical advice

      best wishes
      hang in there
      mock turtle
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