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      I am so good with headlines it's truly amazing.

      Hi, my name is Live and I'm now 17 years old. I've had tinnitus for four and a half years now (since I was twelve, just before I turned thirteen). To this day I've never been to a doctor and the only people who know about it is my parents and my best friend. I've never talked to anyone with the same problem as I. I've never really done much research because I always ended up crying whenever I tried doing some research, but now I've finally accepted my tinnitus and I actually want to talk about it.

      So first, how I get it? Well, I was going to my first concert. Had earplugs with me of course which I used during the entire concert except from one time when the opening band was playing because I didn't think the earplugs was working properly. The opening band played so loud. I covered my ears, took the hoodie over my head and asked my mother if we could just go inside to the stalls until they were done. Sadly she said no. Maybe things would've been different?

      Anyways, after the concert my ears started ringing. My mom said it was normal and that it would pass. It didn't.

      A week of sleepless nights went by and the ringing changed from a loud, constant ringing to a sharper, yet quieter noise. Like the noise of an old TV. In one way it was a good thing because I could finally sleep, but I also started questioning if it would ever go away.

      So two months later I told my mother. I couldn't sleep so I ended up walking into the living room, crying, as I told her the ringing hadn't gone away. She said she was sorry, but if I had gotten tinnitus there wasn't much we could do about it. I tried to get her to take me to a doctor, but she didn't want to go. I think it's because she doesn't want someone to confirm what we already know. It won't go away.

      (Getting to the end now ~)

      Two years passed and I thought I was doing better. That was until I one day started noticing the ringing again. Slowly it took over my life. I couldn't concentrate, couldn't sleep. It was always there. No matter what I did, no matter how much noise was around me. It was always there. After a week or so I broke down. I cried for who knows how long and couldn't take it anymore. I decided I wanted to end things. Before I could do anything my mother knocked on the door and told me to open up. I was crying really loud and I didn't even realize it. She was outside in our garden, I was inside locked inside the bathroom. You really have to be loud for someone to hear you. I cried in her arms and well my dad found out that day.

      I've never been the person to talk about my problems. Not until May last year I finally opened up to someone. Over the internet, but still. Slowly I built the courage to tell my best friend. She was the one who helped me find this page. :) And well.. now I'm doing better on the tinnitus front. Still wondering if I'll ever actually go see a doctor..

      WELL, that was my story. Fun, huh? If you read the whole thing you deserve a hug. If anyone wants to talk just send me a message.

      - Live
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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.

      Sorry to hear about your T and at such a young age.

      My advice would be, go to a doctor and have your ears and hearing thoroughly checked out. Even Though ENT specialists aren't experts in resolving T, they may find something else wrong, that is triggering your T, that can be fixed. Your Parents should have done this quite awhile ago!

      Keep reading the "positive thread" posts and "success stories" posts for now but get a checkup right away!

      You have friends here, who are all in the same boat and are here to help. Don't go it alone!

      God Bless.

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      Hei Live, velkommen til forumet.

      At du ville gå fra konserten, men ikke fikk lov var trist å lese. Og selvfølgelig at du taklet det dårlig og ville ta livet ditt var enda tristere. Bra det går bedre nå. Hvis jeg var deg ville jeg vurdert TRT. Det er en lydbehandlingsteknikk som hjelper hjernen å vende seg til lyden, og til og med blokke den ut. Det finnes ingen mirakelkur mot tinnitus, men det finnes mange behandlinger som gjør det mye lettere å takle den. Har forresten samme lyd som du beskriver. Høres litt ut som en TV som ikke er tunet inn på en kanal. Nice å se nye nordmenn her :D

      (English version:
      Hi Live, welcome to the forums. The fact that you wanted to leave the loud concert, but couldnt was very sad. And the fact that this has impacted you so much was even more sad. Its good to see youre feeling better now, atleast. If I were you, Id chek out TRT. Its sound therapy that helps you brain adapt to the noise and even block it out sometimes. There is no miracle cure for tinnitus, but there are many treatments that helps you cope better. Nice to see a fellow norwegian here ;))
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      Noise exposition
      Hi Live, you are so young that probably they will find a cure before you reach a older age.For the moment just try to cope. Try to avoid louder noises and don't stress.
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      Ciao Live and welcome to TT… :)

      I am sorry to hear about your story, but do take strength in the fact that you are not alone on this and most of us get through the worst of times and find peace in habituation, and sometimes we come out as "better" persons anyway…

      I have definitely become more patient and empathic towards myself and others since I got T, and I learnt to be better to myself in terms of diet, exercise and habits…

      Do go to a doctor if you feel it could help you understand better your T.. Don't be scared as it cannot kill you, and as you will be more acceptant to it you will realize you will focus less and less on it and it will become just a minor nuisance…

      Do read the success stories as they can lift up your hopes for a better future… it did to me :)

      Come and rant away in here whenever you feel you need to as there will always be someone to listen and support you… We are all a crazy bunch with noises in our heads, but we also are a great support group made up of amazing people…

      I could never thank enough the people running and supporting this incredible forum….

      Take care of yourself and your ears !

      Ciao !!
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      (Sep 2013)
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      progressive tinnitus, time of expiring in next 3-6 months
      Mr Pinkman public language is English except to private messages.
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      Wow.. thanks everybody. I didn't expect that many replies to be honest, but thank you.
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      As for going to the doctor.. I probably won't go see anyone anytime soon.. or ever. I should go and live my life without thinking too much about my tinnitus. I know I have to protect my ears, but I will still go to concerts, just be more careful.

      Again, thank you everyone! This really is quite a special, little community.
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