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      Hello, nice place you've got here. :) I'm 24, from USA, and now another sufferer of this weird sounds in the ear/head syndrome. :banghead:

      In my case it's a hissing sound, like white noise or like the fan of a computer. It all started 3 weeks ago, right after a horrible pain in my neck, most likely a pinched nerve from sleeping in an awkward position. It's been somewhat of a pain, but I'm hoping it's temporary, or I'll get over it somehow. According to the ENT, I have perfect hearing, so it doesn't seem to be related to any hearing loss. I have noticed on two occasions that the noise has gone away completely, but it always ends up coming back either at nights or first thing in the morning. One thing that's helped me out is to completely occupy my mind in studies or a project of some kind, so I never even give myself the chance to think about it for too long. But it's still been a struggle.

      And so I ended up here.. Mainly because I don't know what to do next. There are so many fake "cure" websites out there, that reading all the posts by real sufferers on this forum is very refreshing. Anyway, rambling...
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      Hi Stuart,
      it can be temporary, specially if T is related to the pain in your neck. But I strongly recommend you do the tests, if you didn't already, and ask your ENT for a therapy. At this stage, in my opinion, the effects of a therapy can be very good. Anyway your tendency to not think about T for too long will help you a lot.
      Take care
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      Hi Stuart, welcome! It sounds like there's a good chance that your T will still disappear, or at least diminish, if its related to the pain in your neck! Have you been to a physiotherapist yet? Maybe you should request a scan of neck/back to find out what's going on? In the meantime, get regular sports massages, go swimming/sauna (without putting your ears under water!:)) Anything that will relax your muscles and ease the pain!! Maybe it's worth trying another pillow or bed? As you mention the pain usually comes at night or in the morning? Good luck! :)
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      Hi Stuart. I had screaming tinnitus for three weeks after an accident. After three/four weeks it started to settle again. Since Friday my tinnitus have been very low, and in some moments for all practical reasons gone.

      I got a permanent hearing-loss after the accident. So, I'm a living proof that hearing-loss don't always means tinnitus.
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      Stress induced.
      @stuart Glad to hear it's due to your neck pain. Confused? I had the T for exactly the SAME reason. Too much studying and gym affected my neck a lot and it affected me in my sleep too. I had a stiff neck and my T started. 2 weeks I had severe T and I just learned to live with it. And then, I started exercising, yoga, everyday for about 10 minutes and fast walking for about 30-45 mins. In one week, the stiffness in my neck was almost gone and my T reduced by 80%. It's been exactly a month since my T started now, and it's reduced by 90% now thanks for exercises. Hoping the remaining 10% goes away too.

      I understand the distraction part too, you completely forget about it while you're doing something. Had the same thing happen to me too. ;) My T is only in one ear; my left ear. Is yours only in one ear or both? Anyway, start doing some neck relief exercises, that is ALL you need. Don't strain your neck and shoulders. It should be cured soon. Keep me updated. Good luck! (y)
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