Hidden Hearing Loss?

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      This will be my first post here, well since beside my introduction a month or so, ago: https://www.tinnitustalk.com/threads/7-years-and-almost-7-months-ago.23123/.

      I will try to cut down on my background story and how my tinnitus/hearing started/evolved, so here we go:

      My tinnitus story started back in the early winter of 2010, more or less somewhere between january and february. The ringing first appeared in my left ear, then 8-9 months later (that same year) it also appeared in my other one.
      In that period of winter 2010 and summer/autumn I noticed a few times that certain instruments such as a short bassline, a section containing a fiddle or a very low-frequency synthesizer/vocal section etc, and in some songs I felt those was not as easy to hear anymore, as earlier.
      But suddenly, you know a few weeks or a month later, they were back and I could hear them again.
      In this period of time, I completely stopped using headphones when listening to music, as it seemed to drive my tinnitus crazy, and the bass would assault my ears and make them feel tired/full after only a little while.

      Jumping towards the end of 2015 and I experienced a few issues with my balance, when I walked or sometimes even sat down in my own couch. I have to admit, I am a huge hypchondriac (health anxiety) and have been dealing with that since summer of 2000, and I know how powerful and manipulating my brain/body can act, I have gone through all kind of self-diagnosed illnesses and horrible stuff, and while I have (thankfully) never been right, this time however I am not so sure and that it is only my anxiety and fears that is the cause.
      As a result I ended up having an MRI of my head and the day before I was to go there, I suddenly did not experience anylonger the balance issue which had been going on for a few weeks, however the weekend (saturday) before I went and had my MRI (monday) I was watching a movie with my dad and brother, and the sound was extremely high (or so I thought) and when I waked up the next day (sunday) I had this fullness/tired sensation in my left ear (the one were the tinnitus first appeared) and later that day, I experienced a humming/pulsating sound in the same ear.

      The MRI came back a few days completely normal, and I decided to try and relax and calm down a bit.
      And somehow, so did my hearing/ears.

      I am now moving onto 2017 and winter/january this year.
      Suddenly I feel like I cannot hear certain tones/instrument and even vocal harmonies as good as before, I do not panic as I have kind of had some short episodes of that earlier.
      However, during this summer I feel that I can no longer enjoy listening to my favorite artists or songs anymore, as I now have troubles hearing certain parts and instead of enjoying hearing the music, I keep checking, and checking all the time, comparing and scaring the living crap out of me.
      Just last night I was watching a movie (Batman The Lego Movie 2017, a horrible movie by the way, may be the worst film I have seen in years) anyway, in a short clip, Batman (portrayed as the biggest douche of all time in this film) stands before his microoven and suddenly whispers/talk to himself in a very low voiced manners, and I had to turn the volume button way up, as the only thing that made me realize that he said something was the subtitles. The rest of the film, I had no problems with hearing what people said, I could even turn my volume down to 1 (it goes up to 100) but that scene where I suddenly could not hear him talk to himself, I ended up repeating almost 50 times in a row, not only did the movie stink, but that moment made it even worse.

      I have had 4 hearing tests this summer from june and towards just a few weeks ago.
      And they all came back normal.
      The doctors have said things as. "You have excellent hearing, the ears of a 10 year old boy" or "that I should feel lucky that I have such good hearing, as it was better than most people in my age group" and I also "learnt" a whole bunch of fancy new words, but not one of these doctors/experts seemed to be worried or even care about the low-frequency loss that has not stopped or became any better.
      I might have hyperacusis (not sure if I spelled that one right) which I think means over-sensitive to certain sounds/situations.
      I had a new test, hearing and measuring the frequences (hyperacusis) and I think I came to the conclusion that I have little troubles in my daily life with tinnitus/ringing and being over-sensitive, and from one to ten, I guess I am lying somewhere around 3 (on a bad day 4) out of 10, but the one thing that truly scares me, is that I no longer are capable of hearing stuff that I know are there.

      I have another hearing test with a nose/throat/ears doctor/expert in november this year, (have waited for that one since july also this year, the other ones was at private clinics (cost me a lot of money and left me with, as I mentioned above, with lots of fancy new words and no real answers to the cause of my problems).
      I have been to two sessions with a teacher for the hairing impaired (audiopedagog in norwegian) and I m not really sure what to believe, as she thinks it is all down to my anxiety and that I can train my hearing back to normal (or something like that) and I will probably give it a few more chances, but I am not impressed, by what these experts and doctors in norway have coming up with (or not).
      The next time, I will DEMAND some answer or that there must be a test to find out if I have hearing damage or if there is something that can be done or at least give me some clue or information, not just "brush" me off as "you have perfect hearing", NO! I have not. If I had, I would be able to still hear all the things I wrote about earlier in this thread.
      I am angry, frustrated, scared and feel like I could throw out a billion dollars on all kind of ear/nose/throat experts and still feel like I am no closer to finding an answer or clue to what is going on.

      Ayway, sorry about the long post, I tried to cut it down as best as I could, but I have so much stuff going on in my head and where as very few doctors seem to give me time to tell about my experiences, therefore I kind of had to vent out some frustation which has been built up since 2010.
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      Is this new research?: " Researchers at USC and Harvard have developed a new approach to repair cells deep inside the ear — a potential remedy that could restore hearing for millions of elderly people and others who suffer hearing loss."
      This figure includes individuals who suffer from the condition of “hidden hearing loss,” which is generally defined to be damage to the inner ear that leads to difficulty hearing soft voices in the presence of background noise, but an audiogram within the range of normal hearing sensitivity.

      USC is University of Southern California?
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      I have the same problem too with hidden hearing loss.

      I took two audiograms - disappointed.

      My right ear blurs high pitch background noises around 6,000 Hz and it fails to show up on the audiogram (several months ago it was a lot worse) I confirmed moderate improvement with tinnitus reduction.

      My right ear does not show an actual dip until 10,000 Hz and I have not been tested any further but on a YouTube hearing test it cut off at 13,500 Hz or 14,000 rarely.

      My left ear was probably not effected as hard but having tinnitus and occasional TTTS in it tells me I must have hearing loss,

      hearing there cuts off at 14,000 Hz yet it handles high pitch in background noise more correctly.
      I def lost some ultra high freqs there.

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