High Pitch Tinnitus Very Similar to Feeling/Sound Experienced When Swimming Under Water...

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kes, Oct 31, 2017.

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      I have struggled to describe the new high pitch sound I have got in addition to my mild tinnitus after high sound exposure 3 weeks ago (rock concert with too low rated SNR musician earplugs). It's a bit similar to cricket sound, although not pulsating (but varies a bit). Still the sound is very familiar, something I have experienced before in life. Suddenly today I recalled the sound, it's almost identical to the sound/feeling I experienced when I was swimming under water as a child. High pitched strange sound.

      Further, the volume of the sound increases markedly when I do full jaw opening. Anyone having this type of tinnitus?

      Since, I have a long lasting mild cold (two weeks now, got it c. one week after the noise exposure). I'm hoping that the high pitch sound was caused by the cold and not the sound exposure... And that the increase in volume during full opening the jaw was and indication of cold associated tinnitus... I now that this is unlikely, but still...

      I regret that I haven't taken notes after the exposure, I only recall that immediately after the concert I felt overall increased ringing. I do not remember if the high pitch ringing appeared immediately or together with the cold the week after.

      I still wait for an ENT appointment (could take 3 weeks)...

      Any thoughts are welcome.


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