Hiking and tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ben Jubel, Oct 21, 2013.

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      Is it a good idea? I went on a hike 2 times in the past month. My T flared up badly as I was walking up the mountain path :( even though I am back home its still a bit loud
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      As I'm aging, I feel out of shape. Just doing all my own yard work, I can tell I’m slowing. My doctor asked me, how much do you walk. That took me by surprise. That was as good as her, how much fiber do you eat question.

      Hiking up mountains can be more difficult, depends how old you are. Hiking implies a more strenuous walk to me. Usually, it's on flat land for me. I avoid overdoing it. I tend to think if my heart rate was challenged, my T would go up too. I hope your T goes down, and your walks are long.
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      I'm 20 years old. I would agree that exercise is good for ones overall health..but I'm scared that high elevation makes my T worse
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      For some people, more strenuous activity may exacerbate tinnitus --- at least temporarily. It probably depends on the cause of your tinnitus.

      Here's something I found on Livestrong that addresses the question of high-impact exercise and tinnitus:

      It looks like some people get a clicking sound in their head when they exercise.

      I'm a walker myself, and exercise seems to help me whenever my tinnitus get bad. It would be interesting to hear from others, and whether strenuous hiking affects their tinnitus.
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      I play soccer and basketball several times a week. Almost always it spikes my T pretty loud. I don't really notice it during playing but afterwards for sure I do. However, it usually goes back down after a couple hours. So I don't think you have anything to worry about. The benefits of exercise outweigh the temporary spike.
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      The title of this thread really got my attention, as hiking and being outdoors is one of my favorite things. I try to do brisk walking on a regular basis and while it might raise my T a little, its nothing serious and goes back down.

      But I haven't been on a real "hike" since I got my tinnitus, so haven't had a chance to check out any altitude affects. As Markku said, depends on how high the mountain is and how quickly the trail ascends. But my days of doing anything over 10,000 feet were pretty much over any way.

      I HAVE noticed that being outside, as long as I'm not on a busy city street, creates its own masking effect that I find very comforting. There was someone on the board here, Jim I think, who said he loves being on his sailboat because he hears the wind instead of his T. I can totally relate. I run a women's camping and outdoor group. We are going on our annual trip to the Florida Keys next month, where we sleep right on the ocean and go kayaking, biking etc. It will be first time I have done this with tinnitus. I'm a little worried, but mostly excited. We hike nature trails but hey, altitude is not a problem when you live at sea level! I'll let you all know how it goes.

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