Historical Sufferers of Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by WildMan, Sep 26, 2016.

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      Acoustic trauma.
      I was thinking about how people would deal with their T back in several hundred years ago. I was watching the "Revenant" and those guys were firing flintlock/muzzleloaders and those things explode right next to their ears. The troops during the Revolutionary War and Civil War, the old cowboys and mountain men with their skirmishes, for sure miners suffered from this. I wonder how many of them developed tinnitus using firearms without proper hearing protection?

      I would assume it was quite common and they just drank their problems away. We are kinda lucky this day in age, we have technology to help mask the noise (depending on how severe your T is) and support groups, things that were not available to them. Anyways I'm just curious if anyone ever found any historical documentation from those times that mentions people with T.
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      too full a life
      Well, they didn't live very long and a lot of them owned guns so if they didn't take themselves out by living a life over the edge, then they may have done it the old fashioned way if their T was too much.

      The precarious nature of life, is some believe life it worth it enough to struggle to survive each day with no arms and legs and others decide life isn't worth it when they have little more than a hang nail. One thing is for sure in everybody's' life, suffering will come a knocking at some point…except for those few that are perfectly healthy until they die in their sleep. Pretty rare to have a so called happy ending. Sorry for the lack of positivity. :)
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      acoustic trauma
      Also veterans of WW1 were in horrible conditions. Don't know if some of them used ear plugs, but anyway there were many nerve injuries because of intensive close bombardment. Not only tinnitus, but uncurable traumatic injuries of brain which results in unstoppable limbs shaking and chronic pain. Damned war.

      Maybe we have support groups, but they had families and real friends, people lived together, not as isolated as we are nowadays. People are connected through social network, but they used to talk to each other, supports each other directly those days.
      Also they were more religious, they believed there is God who might help them.
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