Homer Simpson Has Intrusive Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by TtotheInnitusBoy, Aug 28, 2016.

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      Hey all,

      Quick update on me . . For anyone that is interested first . .

      My T came on suddenly from doing the valsalva to clear a blocked Eustachian tube - May 21st, 2016. I was initially depressed and angry, bought heaps of anti oxidants and vitamins and was feeling pretty down and out. I really do not think any of the supplements had any beneficial effect on my T as it is still exactly the same as it was. I habituated pretty quickly though, perhaps even after a week when I realised that a lot of musicians have T and still live more or less the same life - my biggest fear was having to change my social tendencies. I still go clubbing / loud bars (without plugs) every now again, maybe a few times a month and haven't noticed any permanent spikes or anything as of yet as a result, not to say it is not a risk that cannot happen. I know that I mentioned above that the supplements didn't help, but I still do take the vitamin pills, Zinc and anti oxidant (fish oil) before I go out, perhaps they work in a proactive sense and not reactive sense I was initially hoping for. I also avoid dancing right next to the speakers, closest I get is probably 3 metres for maybe a song if that and I do go for cigarette breaks outside too every hr or so. Interestingly, my T does diminish the morning after drinking but then I eventually notice it again as the day goes on.

      Anyway, I came across this video on YouTube of homer having tinnitus and thought I would update - although he seems to have it pretty bad to be honest - I do hear my T all the time but when people speak to me their voices cover it.

      I Went To Thousands Of Heavy Metal Concerts...
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      This is definitely a gag, not canon to the show :p
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      Haha. I remember seeing this a couple years back while watching one of the older seasons of Simpsons. Poor Homey's got it bad.

      I would definitely recommend investing in a good pair of custom fit musician's ear plugs though. Even if you aren't too worried about worsening your tinnitus, it's important to keep your hearing protected in loud situations. Custom plugs protect your hearing but you don't sacrifice the quality of the experience because they provide even attention across the frequency spectrum. Personally got some ACS plugs that sound sensational. ER are another big brand.

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