How About a #Tinnitus IRC Channel Anyone?

Discussion in 'Support' started by LeQuack, Jan 9, 2014.

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      I was wondering it would be pretty useful to be able to chat in real-time or just idle and listen to the background noise and whatnot? It helps me a great deal to just idle in some channels and maybe share my issues or listen to other people's problems. Of course it would be even better to actually be able to talk with people with similar issues. You are all most welcome!

      In there you can find such wonderful people as:
      • me, your friendly depressed frog
      • you (hopefully)
      • Markku
      • the faithful gang of tinnitus sufferers
      • one guy from Cali that doesn't really have tinnitus
      • LemongrabBot (he watches over you)

      I know IRC seems like and old and forgotten behemoth but it's a perfect, mostly anonymous alternative to today's social networks, plus you just can't beat the sense of real-time chatting. Pick any nickname you like and start chatting, or just idling. I know there is an existing chat already on this site, so this is meant as an addition with a more chatty real-time vibe.

      For those of you who don't have an IRC client, it's very simple, just use the Snoonet Webchat, just click below and start chatting, no fuss, just enter your desired nickname:
      Snoonet Webchat (click me)
      You can also try this alternative webchat (slightly prettier)

      If you're into more technical stuff or want to use a mobile phone or a dedicated program for connecting, also read below, otherwise just click that link already!

      For those of you who already have an IRC client you can connect via:
      Server: (More IRC Servers)
      Channel: #tinnitus

      There are tons of free IRC clients, as well as mobile versions for Android and iPhones and such. Here are some of the popular ones:
      • HexChat (Windows and Linux client, easy to use)
      • Pidgin (It's an IM client but can also connect to IRC and is very user friendly and also multi-platform)

      Also for mobile users here are some popular mobile clients:
      The rest of them:

      Looking forward to chatting with you! There's already a couple of us there so you can just come in and idle a bit.
      Also any comments are welcome! :)
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