How Come None of My ENTs Want Me to Take Prednisone?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Negima, Sep 22, 2015.

    1. Negima

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      September 11. 2015
      I already did an audio test and the results are considered normal, 15 db in the left ear and 16.60 db in the right ear, can hear up to 15khz.

      Yet my Tinnitus is still here and it sounds like a mosquito buzzing inside my right ear. It's not very loud and only noticeable when I'm on the bathroom or alone in my room.

      So if I have no sign of hearing loss, and the ear wax on my right ear is already clean, that means it's the 729 HZ frequency video that I watch 2 weeks ago is the culprit why I got Tinnitus.

      But will the ENTs believe me that the cause of my Tinnitus is a video set in a specific frequency? Someone needs to study if 729 HZ is a harmful frequency.

      It's been approximately 12-15 days since I had Tinnitus, is it possible that Prednisone can still cure me? I don't think I'll ask any ENT about Prednisone since they don't want to give it to me since it's "steroids".
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      So a video can be the cause of tinnitus? Wow... I too had the same feeling after watching a movie

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