How Does Tinnitus Affect Your Life? How Did You Get Over It? (Keep Things Positive!)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Juan Fichtl, Dec 13, 2015.

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      It's almost three months since I got T and found this wonderful forum, at first I was able to cope with it using rain sounds and not thinking about it, but right now it's 04:37 a.m and I couldn't sleep because of a T spike that nothing would mask. I went to a club with some friends and the music was stupid loud, even with earplugs, so after like an hour and a half I just stormed out and went home. I've had one T spike before and it went away after like a day or so, so I'm feeling confident that it will return to normal.

      Anyway, whenever I'm feeling tired or down or whatever I come here and read some awesome success stories. The stories about people habituating with super T really lift me up. So I was thinking that the one thing we newbies could learn about those stories is that habituation is an active process. If you just wait on your T and expect things to be better eventually you'll be hugely disappointed, and worst of all, you'll transmit that disappointment/anxiety/frustration to others with T, and that's true of EVERY challenge that you have to face in life. You have to do things to improve your life, please take 15min and read this:

      Returning to my spike, thanks to the numerous success stories in this forum, I have a deep conviction that I can get over this, even if it's hard right now. I propose that if you have had a bad T spike or a bad T episode (or you're a T veteran) and you've been able to cope with it you post it here (along with your method), please be really specific, and avoid emphasizing the negative stuff. So let's read and write with an open mind. We can do this!

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