How Long Will This Keep Going On?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Fauxpaws, Jan 6, 2018.

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      Mostly looking for any kind of reassurance here... The run down:

      I've had regular tinnitus my entire life (yay, sensory issues) and never thought much of it. Then in early November I start experiencing short bursts of PT in my left ear. Say, 10-15 seconds, several days apart. I suspected an ear infection and saw my gp, she said my ear looked fine but did dx sinusitis in the other side and ordered an antibiotic. The PT she put down to the stress (my dog was degenerating rapidly from a brain tumor and my dad was hospitalized with flu+pneumonia and copd complications) triggering a massive tmj flare. I went on my way.

      A few weeks later, after briefly getting better, the PT was back, worse, more frequent, and there was also constant crackling noises in the ear, like rice cereal. And headaches. Saw gp again, found I had a low grade fever and blisters all over my eardrum. Dx myringitis and otitis from mycoplasma infection. I was prescribed a double length round of antibiotics.

      After a brief, nerve wracking increase in PT the first few days, it suddenly stopped happening. I finished the meds and all was good, aside from getting the flu the day after Christmas. When suddenly, laying in bed tonight, I coughed. And there it was. Again. For, I think, the longest burst I've ever had. I wanted to cry. I freaked out. Bc here's the thing...

      I have anxiety and panic disorders. Have for several years. And this PT has been a HUGE trigger for me bc I'm stupid and Googled it to look for suggestions on how to get rid of it and I'm sure everyone here knows the list of awful, anxiety - inducing health stuff I got bombarded with instead.

      So, to get to my point... I'm wanting so much to know this IS going to stop? If this sudden burst is just bc it takes a long time for the damage to heal or something. Has anyone had infection related PT that can tell me it will eventually stop for good? Bc every time it happens I freeze and panic and wait for the stroke or aneurysm or whatever imaginary ill my brain can come up with to strike.

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