How Loud Do High Powered Backpack Leaf Blowers Get Up Close at the NON-Operator's Ear?

Discussion in 'Support' started by whatdidyousay, Apr 15, 2021.

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      How loud are the high powered backpack gas leaf blowers that guys with a busy landscaping business might use? A quick Google search seemed to suggest a broad range of 95-115 dB at "operator ear level."

      Is the absolute peak decibel point at his ears? What about me standing about 3 feet away and the leaf blower pointed in my direction?

      I was awoken really early this morning and could hear them outside even though my room's all brick and without windows. So I kind of panic'd and rushed outside to move my car since the same leaf blowing people have scratched my car before with rock gravel and driveway/yard debris blowing around.


      - How loud would around 3-5 feet away be for the non-user and blower pointed in my direction? The chart I have says one could sustain only up to around 28 seconds at 115 dB.

      - Do you think brief exposure of around a minute would cause permanent damage beyond a temporary spike? Someone else posted they got severe tinnitus from an hour at 93 dB with what I assume was the less powerful non-backpack models.

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