How Many Intratympanic Steroid Injections Are Recommended for Tinnitus / Hearing Loss?

Discussion in 'Support' started by RadioKid722, Mar 31, 2022.

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      I had 3 intratympanic steroid injections done, one week apart a month ago. The tinnitus subsided significantly and my hearing returned to normal, but this past week the tinnitus has come back and my hearing dropped again.

      The ENT said there is a risk to doing more than 3 intratympanic steroid injections because it may leave a hole in the eardrum.

      Does anybody know if it is safe to have more than 3 intratympanic steroid injections within a month or know of anyone that has received more than 3?

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      Hi, could you please tell me where you got the intratympanic steroid injection done? I'm in NYC and I can't seem to find any doctors that would do it...

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