How to Get Through a Tinnitus Spike? It Seems Mine Might Be Caused by a Sore Neck

Discussion in 'Support' started by FeliciaTheWhite, Jun 16, 2021.

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      Over the past week or so, I have been in a lot of distress due to a spike in my tinnitus - it started after I did some back stretching exercises and a concerned sister that got the thoughts rolling.

      I'm experiencing a louder volume in my tinnitus and new noises that is a bit more intrusive. I'm sure stress and anxiety play a role, and seemingly it might have something to do with my sore neck.

      I would love some advice on how to get through this, I'm slowly but surely getting my anxiety under control again, but it's still a struggle to see the end of the tunnel, and I'm experiencing some setbacks.

      Any clever information or helpful advice on spikes? I could really use something practical to lean on these days where everything seems hopeless.
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      At a fundamental level, anxiety, fear and hyper focus appear to make our problem worse so we need to manage this area. It is literally in our heads but it’s not “all in our head”. That said, our state of mind does affect the whole thing. A lot of medical doctors prescribe medications for those issues because we need to be as calm and relaxed about this as we can (it’s hard for me too). Many advocate medicine, relaxation/meditation, behavioral therapy, etc. Acceptance and a certain amount of a “give it your best shot” attitude is where I started, then you work the problem like your doing now. This gets manageable and more tolerable with time for most people, sometimes even a non issue but it takes time. Over time you realize that new exposures and spikes settle down and that there are good and less good days.

      I find on a daily basis that I do best when I’m physically busy with the right kind of light background noise, I don’t hear it as much on those days and I sleep better. It’s a nice break. If it’s really bothering me while I’m at my computer or reading, I get up and go work on something usually outside or in the garage. I try to have a project like that every day. I sleep with an air filter running in the bedroom. It sounds a little like white or pink noise. Make sure that you take a high quality magnesium supplement, eat right and get adequate sleep. Some say avoid caffeine, sugar, salt and any other trigger foods or ototoxicity drugs. There are sections here that talk about treatments that may offer something that can help you. There is a lot floating around so don’t let the list overwhelm you, take it as you have the energy and time. If you go to an ENT or audiologist, try to find one with experience regarding your problem. They can offer therapies, masking devices, etc.

      Nobody rational wants this and it sucks that we joined the club but as I have gotten older I find that the challenges come over the course of our life and we all get our list as we go through life. We have to play the hand we are dealt as good as we can, not be happy only if we are dealt a perfect hand.

      All the best.


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