How to Know in Which Ear You Have Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by JohnDoe, Mar 2, 2014.

    1. JohnDoe

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      Hello everyone,

      Are there ways to know in which ear you have Tinnitus?

      Currently I am not sure if I have Tinnitus in only one ear, or that I have it in both. It could be possible that the Tinnitus in one ear is drowning out the Tinnitus in the other ear (if you know what I mean.). Other times it seems as the Tinnitus is shifting...

    2. Ishank

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      I even can't locate my T for sure. Sometimes, I feel its coming from my left ear and sometimes from right ear.
      sometimes I feel it inside my head.
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    3. Lisa88

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      I can usually tell by lying on my side with that ear to the pillow. You can tell if it is louder on that side or not.
      I have noise more dominant in my left ear, then some noise just in my right, and other noise central - in my head.
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    4. Micky

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      10 / 2000
      Hi JD. When i first had tinnitus it felt as if the sound was right on top of my head centralized.. And other times it felt as if it were actually outside my head but still Central.. It sure is peculiar.. After some months it did eventually move to the left side and was indisputable .. I would have preferred it to have moved right out for good but as luck would have it .... It set up home.. Micky

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