How to Tell Where My Tinnitus Is Coming from — Right Ear, Left Ear, Both Ears, or the Head?

Discussion in 'Support' started by FacingMyEars, Sep 25, 2020.

    1. FacingMyEars

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      Suspected cold/allergies
      I hope this is the right place to ask. I feel like it’s gotten more and more difficult to discern if my tinnitus is coming from the left ear, right ear, or sometimes both. It definitely started on the left and that’s where I’ve heard it primarily, but lately I feel like I’ve been sometimes hearing it on both ears or my right. I try to cover my ears to see if I can discern the side and sometimes it’s clear but sometimes it’s not. I’m also trying to discern if the sounds are coming from the inner ear or if it’s neurological.

      The tinnitus started after bad allergies or cold so I assume it was after a related viral issue and it’s an ear problem, but then it would be very strange for it to change sides.

      Curious if anyone has had similar questions and maybe has any tips.

    2. PrayForMe

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      10th September 2020
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      Blocking my ear with oil
      I have the same problems. I have had tinnitus for 8 weeks due to fluid in the ear. My right ear is affected but often it shifts to the left and in the head. I hate it when it is in the head. Sometimes it seems loudish from my head and then I plug my ears and can hear it in my ears but it seems softer in my ears even though it sounds like it's coming from my head. It's very hard to tell sometimes.

      Is your tinnitus severe and has it improved?

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