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      Hi guys!First of all excuse me for my not very good english....I entered this forum because like all of you i have had tinnitus since august of 2012 due to an adverse reaction to an antidepressant...named zoloft...the problem is that after 1 year now im being afraid naturally of going out in loud places because im scared of making tinnitus worse. even if im being before in loud events with tinnitus ,and it got louder but then diminished to the normal volume again, now im avoiding going because im getting very scared... somebody in this forum continue to frequent loud places with or without earplugs?do you guys know some invisibles earplugs?the problem that i suffer from depression and if im not going out my psychological situation is getting worse,plus im losing my friends because im not going out with them anymire due to loud music...thanks!
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      We all get a little paranoid when it comes to making our tinnitus worse..It is very true that further damage can cause an increase in your tinnitus. But get out and enjoy yourself. Buy some over the counter ear plugs and use them whenever you feel you might be exposing yourself to loud noise. Most over the counter plugs will provide a 30DB reduction in noise level and this is more than adequate for most places.

      Invisible earplugs? Most ear plugs are so small no one is going to notice anyway and so what if they do.. It does not make a DAMN what other people think. Buy what you think will work and USE them..Its your life and you are the one who must live with tinnitus or any other ailment. Most people barely notice anyone around them. If my friends choose to disown me because I am trying to take care of my health...well so be it. They were not really friends to begin with.
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      I'm getting custom plugs made at the moment and I honestly don't care if people think I'm silly for wearing them.

      If you hurt a limb and needed a cast or splint you would use that right? Maybe just look at it like our ears are damaged and the plugs are like a splint
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      You'll love your custom plugs, Amelia. So much more comfortable and better than foam. Mine are clear. No one has ever said anything about them.

      Sal121: I can go to concerts, plays, most bars, etc. safely with my plugs in. Don't be afraid to get good quality plugs and give it a try. But my days of going to something super loud, like a stadium rock show, are over. It's not worth the risk. Like Relic Hunter, people who would cut ties with you because there might be a few places you can't safely go with them never were your friends. You are better off without them in your life.
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