Hyperacusis to Vibrations (Low Frequency Sounds)

Discussion in 'Support' started by TheHonoredOne, Aug 31, 2021.

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      It seems like I have developed hyperacusis to sounds with very low frequencies (which are effectively just vibrations). Every footstep I take it feels to me like the room is shaking (my vision perceives the room as shaking but I don't think it actually does). Vibrations from cars are massively amplified. There was a house maybe a few houses down playing really bassy music and I heard the vibrations so loudly but no one else in my house even heard any music playing. I can barely sleep now due to this. Anytime a family member walks in my house it feels like an earthquake to me.

      The thing that confuses me is that I have never heard of anyone with hyperacusis who has the same problem. Even searching this forum yielded no results. Is this just hyperacusis and my ear amplifying vibrational low frequency sounds or could it be something else? Anyone else have this issue?

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      overuse of hearing protection, plus noise
      I hate to tell you this.

      Three years ago some fool across the road from me modified their truck to make as much noise as possible (which is extremely low frequency as you know) I suffered with it for around 6 months, by which time my health was spiraling downwards and I think I was likely getting close to going psychotic. I asked around and fortunately a friend let me stay at their house, they said for even 1-2 years, I lived with them for 3 months, by which time I had found another house. It is fortunate I have sufficient funds to buy another house, which is exceptionally quiet (as a tomb), except for people mowing their grass outside, but lawnmower noise does not enter my house. I did sell the first house, the second house is more expensive, but in the meantime house prices have gone up considerably and houses are selling almost instantly around here, so I would never have been able to buy this house due to the current market conditions.

      I believe I have low frequency hypersensitivity, hyperacusis, generalized sound hypersensitivity and really bad tinnitus which easily spikes. So I don't have a very good situation. The only good part is at least I have a house that is super quiet and no one plays music or has parties, at least if they do have parties they consist of get togethers with no music. It is obviously no fun, however at least I think my hearing is likely worse than yours, so that would be your only consolation.

      There is however not much you can practically do, except move. And when you move, you have no idea about what the new place will be like. There actually is another similar idiot in my new district, luckily he lives around the corner, at quite a distance, and the way my street is set up, he never goes by my house because mine is on a dead end I really was very fortunate with my new place.

      I also strongly believe your tinnitus onset is only coincidental with the vaccine, it could even be possible you had a case of COVID-19 prior to the vaccine and the COVID-19 could have caused the tinnitus. I know you strongly believe otherwise, so I'm just putting it out there, I'm in the health profession, and vaccine is one of my areas of specialty, and viral illnesses is another area of my specialty. In any event that does not help you one way or another either, that is just something for you to consider. This COVID-19 virus is quite wicked, and the vaccine does not get anywhere near your hearing.

      My tinnitus just suddenly showed up right out of the blue, several years ago even when there was no COVID-19 and no vaccine for it, so if I had a vaccine at the same time, I would likely also have your belief. It just suddenly showed up, with no trigger what so ever, and if someone had jabbed me right before naturally I would have linked the two.

      So you and I have disease that just sucks. A lot of people in England have this bizarre low frequency hypersensitivity called Bristol hum, it drives them nuts and they often have to find different place to sleep. My tinnitus showed up very similar to Bristol hum, and I would have to say very much like Bristol hum, except I live in Canada. However I was living near some rail yards, and I was picking up diesel locomotive noise, that no one else was able to hear. It caused me to be hospitalized, which did not help at all, actually made things even worse, I was thrown out of work and that was very traumatic, I was extremely fortunate to even find work, and I had to move to a different city to find it. My boss lied about me on the resume. Fortunately my new boss knows my old boss, and considers him to be an idiot. Unfortunately almost everyone else in the province had a high regard for my old boss, meaning I was not getting a job anywhere if it was not for this fluke, either.

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