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      I was just looking up hypoxia. For those that have non noise enduced, that has maybe had it just come on.... Could this be a culprit? As mine came on after excessive orgasms which I have read then forces blood away from brain, starving the cells of oxygen, that alone can cause tinnitus. Views pls lovely people!!
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      Penelope when mine first started I was trying very hard to find out what caused my t as well. One doctor said ear infection another said no it was stress another said
      your qtip use. So I don't know for sure what
      caused mine. It's possible your excessive masturbation caused it. T is very hard to
      understand so it would not shock me. Now
      let me ask you a few questions. 1. Will
      knowing the exact cause help you get better
      sooner? If it did occur this way and
      damage was done to the brain it is probably here to stay. You seem obsessed with finding the cause and I get it I've been
      there that's why I know you're doing yourself a great disservice. Habituation is hard enough without you spending needless energy on other things. I do think it would be helpful for you to see a professional experienced in treating t. They be able to help you get over these hurdles your putting u for yourself and help you get your life back. Please don't take any of that the wrong way but many people have been where you are and because of this maybe you can save yourself from focusing on things that will keep you from getting better. Goodluck.
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