I Don't Think This Is Going to Go Away...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Rhodo, May 13, 2015.

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      Hello! I'm Monica. I had really bad anxiety issues due to my undiagnosed adhd last year. I can pop my own ears manually and would do it under the extreme stress I experienced my senior year of college.

      Don't drink, don't club, listen to my music loud occasionally but nothing too horrible.

      I went to my university doctor asking about the possibility of tinnitus and apparently the inside of my ears look nice. I guess I should see a nose/ears/throat doctor to make sure I'm okay though.

      I'm 22 and just really sad that this won't go away. I'm fresh out of college and starting on a career and I'm really starting to notice it as I transition into quieter solo work.

      I take concerta but I still suffer from tinnitus when I don't take it. Feeling pretty defeated right now. Mad that I did this to myself for something as stupid as a senior stress related compulsion.
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      Hi Monica, how are you?

      I would like to share some experiencies with you. I have had mild Tinnitus since i was in highschool, and because life was so wasy in those days, Tinnitus did not really bothered me. I went to college and got an engineering degree.

      Then i started to be "adult", started to work, started a business, get married, 2 little boys came into my world, and then, the pressure for money, problems with my wife, legal problems, etc. I always felt like a successful guy, but then, all the problems started to kill me. I got super over weight, super stress, super anxiety, some depression... and then finally, my tinnitus spiked permanently to a new level of sound.

      I got really bad months, i thought my life was over.. but that was not true.

      I'm here, up and running again, doing my career and working full.

      From professional to professional, i tell you that T does not end your career. You will be in trouble while you keep thinking that way (which is normal, dont worry), but with time, and alot of mentality (you can try CBT techniques those are great), sonner or later (i hope sonner) you will start to get you life back.

      I read that you take concerta, and that makes your T to go away?, then you are very blessed!, use that oportunity to live fully.

      Best regards!
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      You should. A visual inspection of the ear canal/eardrum is next to useless for tinnitus-related assessments.
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      No clue - too many causes.
      While tinnitus is relatively new to me (at the current intensity), ear problems for over 50 years (@55) aren't. Nucleo is right on. I had an ear infection that only showed up on a catscan that I had to have. It was a pre-cochlear implant requirement. The infection was removed during surgery - it was not viewable through a regular ENT exam. Same with tinnitus - it won't be viewable and an ENT who is worth a penny of minute knowledge should know that.

      I remember university docs :) . Can you go outside the system to someone else? I understand you're blaming yourself for this. You can do whatever you want to, of course. But, you don't know what caused the tinnitus (T) and you could be my age :) and I wouldn't be beating myself up for it. I excel at beating myself up (or used to). You have bigger fish to fry as you embark on your new life. Take deep breaths and move on with life w/out berating yourself.

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