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Discussion in 'Support' started by Mario, Mar 3, 2013.

    1. Mario

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      I think now I've came to terms with Tinnitus and it's complex ways. One night, I visited a house party, you've probably already guessed it. The music was quite load but I was sure to keep distant, I probably spent a few minutes at the most listening to it. Anyway a few days since then but I don't know, it feels more pumped,noticeable. Is it just me being anxious or is there mental damage been input. Please spread your views.
    2. DezDog

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      This happens to me. I do a gig, go out somewhere with loud music, and then, like never before, I'm worried about my ears; I just think it's the stress that makes it seem louder. Try to relax.
    3. Plucky

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      I think that I have become hyper sensitive to loud or even semi loud music . I quit a band I was in . leaving that behind too
    4. Joel

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      Man i hope my plan works. I love playing loud music :)

      When ever the hyperacusis kicks in I am trying to push myself a little more to ignore it. As long as the noise is not at a dangerous level 70-80 db max

      Am I making things worse you think?

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