I Feel Like I Just Can't Do This Anymore

Discussion in 'Support' started by derpytia, Aug 5, 2014.


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      Doctor gave me no reason. He just said there was no cure for T.
      Hi Derpytia.
      I so well know what you're going through. It is not easy to accept all the devastation that a so terrible torment like this can cause to our life. As a man, I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm feeling exactly the same way you feel. I also feel sad whenever I think of the way things used to be. I can no longer go to places I used to go or see things I used to see without having the claws of anguish squeezing my throat simply because rather than living, I'm only existing... It feels like nothing else matters. How I wish that there could be a cure for this torture, a miracle that could save us from this ordeal. Medical researches are being done in order to find a way to find the cure or at least to bring some effective relief to T sufferers... who knows, maybe one of these days we're going to be surprised by good news concerning this issue,but, in the meantime, we must do our best in fighting this monster. Please don't give up. Do not retreat, do not surrender otherwise the monster will win.

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