I Got Lucky: My Tinnitus Is Slowly Going Away

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      Hello and happy new year! I thought I'd share my recent experience with tinnitus, I hope it will serve other people as well.

      I woke up on the 29th of December with a loud ringing sound in my right ear and also some hissing "outside" my head. I read about tinnitus about 6 years ago and I immediately knew that was the case.

      I went the next day to get tested and my auditory nerve wasn't affected. Initially I thought Accutane was the culprit, but it turns out it wasn't, as the auditory nerve wasn't affected, so most likely it was due to a cold I had about one month and a half ago.

      They told me I had about 24 hours to get treatment, if the nerve would have been affected.

      I got prescribed Medrol, Milgamma (11 days) and Tonotil (5 days). After I finish this treatment, I have to take 2 Clarinase a day, for a week. My doctor said the tinnitus could still not fade totally for about 2-8 weeks.

      It is definitely subsiding, the hissing and the ringing sound are getting lower and lower, even though I have some spikes during the day, or after I wake up. I hope I got really lucky this time and it will completely go away.

      I wish you the best of luck, feel free to ask me any question.
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