I Guess It's Time to Introduce Myself

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SilentQ1989, Apr 5, 2018.

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      Concert - standing very close to the stage
      Hi, I created an account here over a year ago, so I guess it's time to introduce myself :)

      My name is Abraham, I've had tinnitus since 11/2016. I noticed it the day after I went to a concert in which I was standing really close to the stage and I'm guessing I was too close to the speakers at that point. I was standing in that spot for about an hour, so I guess that'll do it for ya lol. I did go through a bout of being paranoid and extremely careful about protecting my ears for the first few weeks/months after getting tinnitus. Luckily, I've overcome that and even though the tinnitus is still there, I have either accustomed to it or care very little for it so it doesn't affect my day to day life.

      I will say that judging from the posts I've read on this forum, I feel like I have a mild case of tinnitus in comparison to other users here. Still, I will try to share some advice with new users from my experience. I am grateful for this forum and the community and resource it creates for tinnitus-havers (y)
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