I had the Mastoid Bone Removed - Now I Suffer from Constant Vibration in My Left Ear!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Eileen Stack, Nov 23, 2013.

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      Back in 2003 I had the mastoid bone removed in my left ear due to severe blows I took from my ex husband to the head an ear. Now I am suffering a vibration constantly in my left ear. It is driving me crazy!!! There is no pain, just a constant vibration, that goes on an on. What is causing this???
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      Agh, so sorry to hear about that. :( Sounds sort of like middle ear myoclonus (Myoclonus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - have you had it since the operation or just recently? I experience vibration sensations in both my ears, my left ear I can attribute to tensor tympani syndrome, certain frequencies trigger a "twitch" in my ear, my right ear will sometimes vibrate for no reason, it's actually quite different to my left ear and I'm not sure about the trigger.

      As far as what could be causing it or how to help it I wouldn't be too sure but I'm sure there are treatment options available - a couple mentioned in that link are stuff like calcium, clonazepam, 5htp, etc. I'd head to a good ENT and try to work something out!

      Hope you feel better soon!

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