I Have 2 Theories on How I May Have Gotten Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Marie79, May 15, 2016.

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      Ear infection
      1: I had an ear infection. All the doctors are 100% sure it was an outer ear infection. It isn't easy to get right into a specialist and I had ear drops from past ear infections so I started using them. They didn't work and again since it isn't easy to get right into a specialist I went to an urgent care who said to continue using the drops.

      The ear infection got REALLY itchy and (I know this is gross) I kept itching them and one night I noticed I had several drops of blood on my pillow. Went to urgent care and they said I was fine and still use the drops.

      I FINALLY got in to see a specialist and he said the drops were making it worse and he got me compound drops and that fixed the ear infection very quickly. The first drops I had are ototoxic and I think I punctured something up in there and those drops got in. Even though all the doctors say they would see the puncture I am convinced there was something that those drops got into the middle ear.

      2: I had mild T before and after researching T with this ear infection I completely freaked myself out and became highly aware of it.
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      Or your brain dialled up its internal gain (with a preexisting hearing loss) because of the conductive hearing loss you may have had with the ear infection...

      Coupled with the attention youve been giving the sound because of your infection .. which has activated your limbic system ..so now you are experiencing the fright or flight response...

      I think the back to silence thread should help redirect your focus ...

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