I Have a Clicking Noise Behind My Right Ear When I Open My Mouth Wide

Discussion in 'Support' started by Andy, Oct 12, 2012.

    1. Andy

      Andy Member

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      Sept 2012
      hi everone
      seem to have a clicking noise coming from behind my right ear every time I open my mouth wide
      one time my hearing went down the same as if you had water in it then it cleared, has this happened to anyone and what causes It..
    2. Petloy

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      It's called fleeting tinnitus....most with T experience that.You have a muffled sensation in one ear others get a high or low pitch tone (aside from your normal T) for 5-10 seconds, sometimes longer but it goes away. I had one yesterday...made me jump up from my seat! -) The clicking sound is probably you keep getting anxious and keep opening your mouth...calm down and relax when that happens...
    3. AUTHOR

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      Sept 2012
      Petloy thanks again and yes still here
    4. DezDog

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      People staring at me in this coffee shop as I just tried to listen to the sound of me opening my jaw wide a few times!

      The sounds I can hear (clicking) I associate with the jaw joint, may be different to what you're hearing though

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