I Have Had Tinnitus for About 4 Weeks. Advice Appreciated.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Fung Chow, Feb 6, 2016.

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      Hiya, I have had T about 4 weeks ago which is caused by noise induced. I heard hissing sound in my left ear which is causing me a lot of distress and insomina. I tried to listen white noise from my ipad which does not seemed to work. I tried to concentrate white noise music distract tinnitus sound from me. I started heard hissing sound intermittent come and go, but in the last 2 weeks sound become constant especially at night time sound become louder and I tried to ignore it listen to the radio with earphone. Everytime I listen to music with earphone at very low volume and I have been advised by someone use decent earplug when I'm out keep within 65 db at least 3 months and it is a good chance of T sound fading away.

      Can I ask what sounds do you hear and how long you have had T? Please advise me what to do to help me at night.
      Thank you. I looking forward to hear from you.
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      Try using a fan at high speed. If that doesn't work, try buying an indoor water fountain. Try taking melatonin.

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