I Have Had Tinnitus Since About 1975

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      I started having symptoms of T and M when I Was about 12 or 13 years old. I am now 52 and it seems to be interfering with my life much more than it use to. In the past when it was bothering me I would just try to keep busy.... Now, with less distractions in my life, I find that I am avoiding any social scenes that involve me trying to follow a conversation. I took a trip to the queens and couldn't walk and talk at the same time. Had to keep focused on keeping my balance and traffic, having a conversation was out of the question.

      When I was younger I was always accused of not paying attention , not listening, daydreaming. Now I know that I was not hearing... I had to focus so hard on what I was working on that I could not have any interference or distractions. This made it very difficult in school and socially.

      Since this began so early in my life I have made adjustments. I know my T is much worse when I increase my salt intake. (I do not have high BP but any change in BP level definitely makes it worse)

      I also have found that Bcomplex helps. I am a firm believer that diet is the key to dealing with this problem. I have not found anything that makes it go away only the foods that make it worse. Wine makes it worse.... But sometimes it is worth it... I will keep searching.
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