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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jas888, Mar 19, 2014.

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      March 08, 2014--As we were landing from an 8-hour plane trip from Puerto Rico, I suddenly developed pressure in my ears followed by a loud buzzing sound. I tried ear drops to alleviate the pressure and the noise but it did not go away! I went to see an audiologist who diagnosed me with tinnitus. He said that he's had it for over 40 years after returning from military service in Vietnam. He told me that there was no cure for it and that really made me so depressed! I love the sound of silence! Realizing that I won't be hearing it for the rest of my life is so unbearable, I just wanted to die! I went to see an ENT who prescribed Prednizone but that did not help either.
      I'm struggling to accept this. Help me please!
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      Probably headphones
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      Hi @Jas888

      Welcome to TT! Glad that you have found us - a lot of people struggle with T and this site is often very helpful.

      I am quite surprised at your audiolgist's attitude. For starters, he may have T (tinnitus) but his was most certainly noise-induced because of his time in Vietnam. Yours sounds like it is due to a pressure change/sinus related. Can I ask, have you had a cold recently? Sometimes if you have a cold and fly this can cause problems with your ears.

      Don't despair. He is right in the sense that there is no cure for it, but did he tell you that T can go away? I think was a lot of people T leaves - however, this can take months. I can't say for certain that yours will leave - I wish I could say that everyone's would leave - but you have only had yours for 11 days. There is plenty of time for it to go away. I would not consider T permanent until you've had it for at least 2 years - and even then it can go away for people.

      Time is your best friend. Unfortunately there is not much else you can do. Have you asked for a nasal spray? Sometimes that can help because it forces your eustation tubes open, but bear in mind that these sprays can take 6 weeks to start taking affect.

      Try not to worry. There are links between tinnitus and anxiety, so the more relaxed you are the better. Easier said than done, right? But just keep telling yourself that it will go. I think that if we tell ourselves that our bodies will pick up on the message and fix it. As said before, 11 days is nothing. Your T could easily go away.

      Let us know how you are getting on!
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      Medical researchers are working harder than ever since 2010 to find a cure for tinnitus, we just have to cope with it until a solution is found.

      i hope yours isn't too loud...
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      Hello Jas,
      I am so sorry to hear about your ringing in your ear!!! I too loved the quiet ... and I too wanted to die when I first got my T back in 2010. It was probably the worse thing that I have gone through in my life. My poor husband felt helpless as all I did was cry. You have only had it a short while and it may go away. Try not to focus on it... try to stay busy. Most of all get sleep... Caffine and salt will cause the T to be louder... Please if you are having it rough and just need someone to talk to... message me. You are not alone.. I have been where you are. I have T still.. but it is now more managable.. and sets in the back ground. Hang in there.. T is really difficult to get use to. .... but if for some reason it does not go away.. your body will get use to it. Hugs.
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      Welcome Jaz,
      So sorry to hear of your plight, the Tinnitus thing. I agree it's terrible. For me the first few months were just awful. Got to agree with @tandpiano - stay busy, I like my life on a schedule, and time out for other things too. I use anti-deprs pills to sleep. Sleep good, keep your energy up and keep on with your life. My pych doc mentioned to me, upon review of my medication, she'd wish it would settle down a bit, I agree. Anyway, welcome. I wish you didn't have this.
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