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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Martijn Mols, Aug 23, 2015.

    1. Martijn Mols

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      Probably water in ears
      Let me introduce myself:

      My name is Martijn Mols. I am 14 years old and I live in the Netherlands.

      My tinnitus started in May this year (2015). It never started from a specific moment. I remember sitting on the couch in may holiday (similar to spring break) and suddenly a loud ringing started. I had these sudden ringings before, so I didnt thought anything about it. But the ringing didnt leave immediately, which it normally does. I felt anxious because I thought it was never going to leave and that is why i told my brothers about it. Then it went away. That same day, an hour later, it started again, which was strange. This time didnt go away immediately too. It eventually left. This was on the 4th of May, which is the national rememberance day in The Netherlands to all people who died fighting for freedom.

      On the fifth of May I heard this soft ringing in my right ear and I told my dad. I didnt wake up with it but I noticed it throughout the day. This ringing did NOT leave and on friday the 8th, the very same week I went to a see a doctor because Iw as quite worried. My father thought it was caused by buildup ear wax, because he says a ringing occurs when he doesnt clean his ears. He decided to put some oil in my ear with a small piece of cotton. So the next day (friday) we went to see the doctor. The assistant cleaned my ear with warm water and did this to my dad aswell. The assistant decided to check my ears with a tool she uses (i dont know the name) and she said my right eardrum looked dull and she called the doctor. The doctor thought my tinnitus and dull eardrum was caused by water in my ears.

      The assistant gave it two weeks for the ringing to leave/fade away. And after two weeks it hadnt left. yet.

      I dont mask the sound when I want to sleep. I can sleep normal and the last weeks it is so soft I dont notice it. One thing I notice and why I said it hadnt left yet is because it leaves sometimes. When i wake up, I dont ear it and it will slowly fade in. And sometimes I completely forget it and dont notice it. Not often it will leave. About 30 minutes ago it left. I couldnt hear it and I felt relief and freedom. I could hear the silence wich was , AWESOME! I had these moment before like 3 times. I closed my ears for a minute and enjoyed it so much. But it came back. :/

      I learned to live with and for my experience, it has not persisted. It has only reduced in volume. It went from my right ear to both ears to my left ear to both ears. The sound never left in the ears, I mean volume changed. ATM and since the last two weeks or so it is louder in my right ear.

      I havent seen a doctor since my last visit on the 8th of may. And my ears started crackling to with an upcoming cold like 3 weeks in. The cold went away but the crackling never did.

      Martijn Mols
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    2. LeQuack

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      Bad luck and bad genes
      Welcome, hopefully it will continue to improve for you.
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    3. Quentino

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      Decrease of Hearing i presume.
      No hearing test?

      Welcome by the way.
    4. Dawn Whinetaker

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      My started in a similar way- not associated to a specific traumatic moment or time. And gradually got worse. Yours seems to be increasingly better, which I would take as a good sign! Like the last member asked, have you had a hearing test yet?
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      Most likely due to antibiotics after a major operation
      A warm welcome to you, Martijn!

      I do hope all goes well with your hearing problem in the near future ... but nevertheless, you are amongst an incredibly warm and caring group of people who completely understand every inch of your journey ... stay with them and you will receive excellent advice and friendship ... I can personally vouch for that!

      PS in Dutch: Jaren geleden werkte ik in Den Haag ... en voor mij, was het uitstekend!
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