I Posted on Saturday How Severely Angry I Was About Tinnitus but Things Are a Lot Better Today

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, May 11, 2016.

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      I just want to thank everyone who responded to my post about my extreme anger I had about tinnitus. I believe there were several reasons for this:

      1. I was trying to fight something that wouldn't go away completely (tinnitus).
      2. I didn't take my full dosage of Klonopin for a couple of days, which made me even more angrier.
      3. I was full of anger about something that happened in the past that caused the new tinnitus but I can't change the past.
      4. I was taking a medication for a week and a half which I believe lessened the effect of another medication I am taking for depression. My doctor's office said it was fine to stop it.

      Maybe you guys can learn from my mistakes:

      1. Don't keep focusing and fighting constantly against T. (I hope I can do this more consistently)
      2. If you are on medications, take them like you are supposed to unless they are causing bad effects and then tell your doctor and ask how to come off them.
      3. Don't keep feeling anger and regret over things in the past that you can't change. (hard for me to do at times, but it is something I will have to do if I want to get better on a consistent basis.)

      Thanks again to all that were sympathetic to me.

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