I Think I Have Real Tinnitus Now

Discussion in 'Support' started by Marias21, Feb 24, 2014.

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      for the pass 5 days ive been taking my antibiotics for my ear and mt T was improving so much almost to the point of being gone but this morning i woke up with a loud T ive been taking augmentin is this the reason for my T im not going to take it anymore and im going to my DR asap
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      I would go to the doctor just in case but don't panic. My T has been low for over a week but last night I woke up and it was loud again :-( I had a little panic but calmed down and managed to get back to sleep. My T (as usual) as been going up and down, but there have been points today where it is so quiet I cannot hear it when I turn off my television, and if I didn't know about T I would think it was silent. Good news is that it has been going down :) But perhaps stop taking the antibiotics just in case.
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      citi girl i want to update you only T ive been taking amoxicillin and my T has finely turn around for the better its going away and im so optamistic its a 6 day couse from day one after 2 hours of takeing amoxicillin my T was 50% lower by night it was 65% lower right now its almost 80% gone !!! if you can get your self on amoxicillin even if you dont have a ear infection it will defently help you

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