I Think Tinnitus Turns You Into a Certified Bi-Polar

Discussion in 'Support' started by Will, Jan 11, 2014.

    1. Will

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      It's amazing How I can feel like I can take on the world one moment, then turn into the biggest depressing mess in the area. I wish I could go back in time and snatch that mp3 player out of my hand and talk some since into my past self. Sometimes I hope it's just a bad dream that I'll wake up from, but then I realize that won't happen. I guess it's my fault and nobody else's so I just best get over it, here's hoping for the cure or a time machine, whichever gets here first.
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      Ear infection
      Yea I am the same way, I think mine started because of me using my headset everyday and it might have been to loud and then I got an ear infection that caused the tinnitus so I always wish I had a second chance to not use my headset and to go to the doctor sooner then I did about the ear infection. :(
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      yea, it sucks, but I'm hopeful. We have come a real long way and I'm sure the "cure" will be here soon. Until then we'll just have to stay strong and power through.
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