If Hair Cells Were Damaged, Does That Mean Tinnitus Is Permanent?

Discussion in 'Support' started by CarloZ, Oct 31, 2015.

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      September 3, 2015
      I got tinnitus from loud music from earphones. So the I assume that damaged my hair cells and that lead to tinnitus. Does this mean it's permanent? Or can you have damaged hair cells and not have tinnitus?
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      I believe my T is just like yours. How do you know your hair cells are damaged?
    3. Not if they can regrow hair cells, which is one of the main areas of research right now. Did you know that Chickens have hearing that heals itself? Yep. Chickens can go deaf and then naturally repair themselves (like a bruise or scrape) and hear again. It's all about the regeneration of hair cells. Just Google "chickens hair cell tinnitus" and have a look see. Lots of hope in that area of research. If only the wacky religious people would let scientists use embryonic hair cells it would go much faster.
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      Ototoxicity from Electronic Cigarettes (Propylene Glycol)
      I can't really comment on whether your T will be permanent or not, but I can say with certainty that damaged hair cells does NOT always lead to tinnitus. My father can't hear a thing above 7000 hz and has a loss of at least 30db from 125hz - 7000 hz and he has no tinnitus at all....hearing loss is no joking matter at all, but I'm definitely jealous of his tinnitus free hearing....
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      earplugs/ hearing loss
      Most ppl with damaged hearing don't have tinnitus. Many people with no or hardly detectable hearing loss have T. T can disappear even if it's caused by hearing loss. All is possible. Hope that helps !
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