If I Get a Cut, Is the Cut Me?

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      I fell asleep with my headphones.
      Hi, guys...I have had tinnitus since 2001. I fell asleep with my headphones on, and woke up with ringing in my ears. I continued to listen to music, and watch movies, which further affected me. Tinnitus is not a problem for me, but I also have Hyperacusis. I have been able to adapt to it, and I am willing to continue using foam earplugs, and being careful.

      I wanted to share some tips, because it was via forums that I discovered the name of my conditions, gained insights, and began being proactive.


      1. Do not listen to people who tell you that you are overreacting. Their experience is not yours.
      2. Do not listen to people who tell you to forget about it. Their experience is not yours.
      3. Do not listen to people who tell you to expose yourself to "normal sounds" their experience is not yours.

      Tips for Being Proactive

      1. Protect your hearing. We did not evolve in the world that we built. Our auditory nerves cannot handle constant bombardment from planes, trains,mand automobiles.
      2. Do not think that because a recognizable name is on a product, that it is safe. Earbuds, boomboxes, nightclubs, and concerts, are not safe because it is legitimate. People are interested in making money, and so they will compete to outcompete the competition, and often this is without consideration of the deletirious effects of the products that they provide. Think, and be safe.
      3. Shift away from noise pollution. Everyone wants to be at the party, and it is difficult to shift away from this, but there are many activities that you can do that do not isolate you. You come up with ideas, because part of doing is learning, and learning relies on critical thinking, as well as investigation.

      Tips for Getting Help

      1. Do not trust others to help you. No one wants to be burdened by your problems, but they all want to be heroes. You must be proactive by doing research, and ensuring that the provider is doing their jobs as needed.
      2. Recovery from anything is reliant on isolating the problem, and utilizing a global approach to attending to it. Patience with treatment, and allowing for the possibility of limitation, regardless of hope is necessary.
      3. Accept that you cannot undo the past, and there is no other you on a different timeline.

      Tips for Helping Others

      1. Don't offer help where none is needed, or wanted. People have to be receptive to information. You cannot force them to listen, and in the case of someone with a condition, it is assumed that the individual is pathetically trying to bring the other person into their world to reinforce their significance.
      2. Helping people is carimg for people, and the only way to do this is to empower, enable, and support people.
      3. Live your life, and inspire others to live theirs, but with a decline on the focus of the latter.

      I have taught photography, I perform comedy, and I train to kill bears. I read psychology, and I write philosophy. I wish you all the best, and hope that I can count on you all to anchor me to the ground. We are all trees.

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      Loud earbuds music
      I like you because you stand out from the crowd. Filip approves this post
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      This are great great advices!
      thank you so much,
      but please dont kill bears!!!
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      You say you perform comedy,
      you still go to comedy clubs?
      haha thats awesome man!
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      I fell asleep with my headphones.
      Thanks, Mario. My Tinnitus, and my Hyperacusis get better, unless I agravate it. I tried "white noise", recently, and it created problems for me. I am researching TRT. Sound perception is complex, because of frequencies, tone, pitch, and amplititude. There should not be a one size fits all solution. When it comes to continue to do what I want, I find ways. I go to strip clubs, as well, to get dating advice, of course. If you want to check out my comedy, search "Duh Profezzor of Comedee" on YouTube. If you can't listen to it, just watch. I am watching UFC Fight Night, right now, on mute.
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