If the Regular Hearing Test Says You Are Fine, You Might Want to Consider an Extended Audiogram

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      The normal stated range for human hearing is 20hz to 20khz. The normal hearing test and audiogram they give you is usually only up to 8khz (at least in America). If there is hearing loss beyond that, it might be able to be corrected as there are some wide band hearing aids out there. This could benefit some with higher frequency tinnitus. Check out these audiograms (the Red is for the right ear, the blue is for the left):

      Regular audiogram (for Americans). Notice how they draw a straight line after 8khz. It is because they don't check for it.


      Extended audiogram. Notice the drop after 8khz. The further down the red and blue lines drop means a greater hearing loss at that frequency:

      Sometimes getting hearing aids can lower perception of tinnitus because it amplifies the background noise.

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