Important Article on Lyme/Tick Illnesses

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      Not sure where to place this info, so if the moderators will please title it/place it the way they wish, that'd be great.

      This article is about new findings on Lyme Disease. It doesn't mention tinnitus. I just think it's an interesting article because it highlights what happens to people who suffer symptoms for a long time without being validated, as well as the new hope that comes when a great practitioner takes up the cause.

      (It's also a helpful article about tick illnesses in general and worth it for everyone to know this info.)
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      possible whiplash
      In some cases Lymes Disease can cause tinnitus. Read the following article. The ENT doctor who wrote this article was going to dismiss his patient's ear noises as run-of-the-mill tinnitus but saw an i v line in his patient's arm. The patient explained that he was being treated for Lyme's Disease so the doc had a colleague do an inner ear microscopic exam and found the culprit which was the result of Lyme's Disease. The patient's tinnitus was 100% cured. Great article.
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