Inflammation Feeling in Inner Ear

Discussion in 'Support' started by HiDezGuy74, May 27, 2019.

    1. HiDezGuy74

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      Sept 2018
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      Acoustic Trauma - metal grinder tool
      I’m curious if anyone else deals with this:

      When my tinnitus is at its highest in volume and at its most intrusive, I notice that my left ear feels “full” (I’m congenitally deaf in my right ear), but fullness is not exactly how to describe it.

      My inner ear actually feels inflamed. I’ve noticed that when I have quiet days (when my tinnitus is only noticeable in total silence), I don’t have this inflammation feeling in my ear. I can physically feel my tinnitus in a way. When my tinnitus is very low, the feeling inside my ear goes away.
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      noise induced
      I have not felt inflamed, but definitely the ear fullness, which is quite uncomfortable.
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      I have exactly this. I breath steam, use Flonase, and oddly, longer car rides with the AC on blowing on my ear seems to help. When it "opens" it almost seems to breath cool air in it.

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