Info From a Cochlear Implant Audiologist About CIs and Tinnitus

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      There are now three known people here who have cochlear implants and ghastly tinnitus.
      My CI ENT suggested considering removing my current implant from one company
      and implanting another. I sincerely don't think that's going to happen but I'm looking. It's
      not a case of doing this due to the tinnitus (that would be looney) it's is from another issue. I'm
      searching around and contacting the company, here's what I
      received about tinnitus. No need to mention company names as there are only three allowed
      here. Tinnitus can result from any of them and if you already have it, it can make it WORSE.

      I'm at the point where my memory and brain functioning is noticeably worse. But keep in mind
      I'm older than most here and my ears are screwed up. Doesn't mean it will happen to you and
      after initial implant, it may (I've been told) go away.

      Here's the CI's audiologist's comments about tinnitus in reference to redoing the implant.

      People have performed very well with the RONDO <name of a type of implant device>, but as is true with any
      individual with a cochlear implant, everyone’s experience varies, depending on their history. This is the same
      when it comes to tinnitus and a
      cochlear implant. Every patient is different, some people receive relief with the cochlear implant, some
      patients’ tinnitus does not change and unfortunately, some patients who did not have tinnitus prior to the
      surgery may begin to have tinnitus. Many of my patients did receive some level of relief, but that is
      anecdotal evidence.

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