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      Many people who first get tinnitus or have an increase/spike probably do what I do and start to google about tinnitus. Unfortunately many of the articles I have found weren't helpful at all. Who writes those articles?
      Certainly not people who have T themselves. Some of the examples that annoyed me were:

      - "Tinnitus is only a harmless symptom and not the sign of a disease. It also won't make you deaf. You are perfectly healthy. So no problem."

      Maybe some people are bothered by tinnitus only because the think it is the sign of a disease and not by the sound itself?

      -"Tinnitus can have a negative effect on the quality of live and effect work, relationships,...some people are unable to continue leading a normal live. Many people with tinnitus have trouble sleeping. It even leads people to suicide."

      That might be the case, but how is that going to help anyone who just got T? I don't remember seeing such negative reporting about other health problems/diseases. Sorry about complaining, but this just has been in my mind for a while.

      Fortunately there are some sites that are more helpful. I personally quite like the site of the British Tinnitus Association, they have some helpful tips.
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