Intracranial Pressure?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ashlyn Miles, May 14, 2016.

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      So today I went in for a routine eye examination and contact fitting. Lately along with the intense rushing noise in my ear and extreme headaches, which I have been taking migraine medication for I've had loss of vision, vertigo, and extreme pressure and pain in my ear. So my eye doctor discovered that I have bilateral papilledema, basically swelling of my optic nerve. So I just scheduled my appointment with the neurologist and made the mistake of googling the condition in which now I'm trying to talk myself out of believing I have a brain tumor. But hopefully the cause of the raised pressure in my head can be found and I'm praying that the pressure in my head is the reason for all my symptoms and my tinnitus. I was just wondering if anyone else has these same symptoms or problems with their optic nerve and intracranial pressure and if treatment offered any relief. Not the most positive news but its a good start!
      Praying for you all
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      I fell into the same trap and went to visit Dr.Google and it always comes up with the worst case scenarios so don't worry :)
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      You need to call up a radiologist and get a CT or MRI scan asap. I seriously think you should do this as quickly as possible. Make sure they have modern machines. Tell them you want an appointment now, not weeks off. Granted, I am no expert and maybe it is the neurologist that orders these but if that is the case you need that appointment now! Call their office and see if that is what they do. I hope they can find out soon what is causing this and you can get healed asap :(

      If I am blowing this out of proportion please someone correct me.

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