Intratympanic Treatment for Tinnitus: A Review

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      There is an interesting review article on intratympanic injections for tinnitus, written by Thomas Meyer of Auris Medical. Besides AM-101, he examines all drugs used to treat tinnitus and includes their side effects.

      Here is the link to the full article, and it includes some good pictures and a diagram of an intratympanic injection with associated ear structures.

      Below is the article's abstract:

      Noise Health. 2013 Mar-Apr;15(63):83-90. doi: 10.4103/1463-1741.110285.

      Intratympanic treatment for tinnitus: a review.

      Meyer T.
      Author information

      Since the 1940s, various attempts have been made to treat peripheral tinnitus by way of intratympanic injection. This administration procedure requires only low concentrations of medication, thanks to the highly targeted delivery to the site of action and comes with minimal systemic exposure. While different compounds have been tested for their effects on tinnitus by intratympanic injection, there has been no breakthrough so far. Accordingly, the clinical use of intratympanic tinnitus treatments has remained limited to date. A more widespread adoption of this approach will require the development of specific medications for peripheral tinnitus, as well as proof of safety and efficacy, which would be determined from randomized controlled clinical trials.

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