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      I'm new too. I have a long story. It's been super diffucult. No one really understands what you go through with these problems but they can be devastating. I'm a musician and film maker. I film underwater all of which this has been devastating to my life. In my early 40s I had an incident where for about a month my ear was stuffed up. I had friends coming over and when they arrived one night I went into acute vertigo. I threw up for hours and ended up in the emergency room. At age 55 it came back last year on thanksgiving. Again acute vertigo but i just roughed it out for about 7 hours then it stopped. I had a dive trip coming up and was very worried.

      About 9 days before I tried acpuncture. It seem to almost cure me. It was amazing. I still go but it has comeback and like a vengeance keeps getting worse. More hearing loss then anything and I play music in four bands. I have not beenlately the last month. I now have a ringingin my ears that showed up yesterday. I thought the train was going by. Anxietystress. Yikes. Trying to relax.

      Any information or thoughts would awesome. The Docter ENT seemed to think I have meniers and after acupuncture my hearing test was better but now it is bad again. I was prescribed verapamiel and ativan. Thank you
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      Idiopathic hearing loss
      @Blakemandu welcome to tinnitus talk, I joined 7 months ago, I have a similar problem and had an extensive work up and I do have moderate to severe hearing loss. I had one episode of vertigo but I often feel unsteady, I also have a blocked feeling in my lt ear where I have the hearing loss and tinnitus. Luckily I have normal hearing on right.
      Ménière's disease is characterized by fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus aural fullness and vertigo.
      I noted that you have verapamil a calcium blocker, do you also suffer from migraines?
      Did verapamil help your vertigo?

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