Introducing Myself — Anyone in Toulouse, France?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jeremy TB, Jan 11, 2020.

    1. Jeremy TB

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      Unknown, falling on head
      Hello everyone, I'm happy to find a normal place to be able to participate.

      I kind of realised over the winter of 2019 that something was wrong. I'd lost some hearing through a surfing wipe out but not anything that bothered. Then I started getting in February 2019 a sort of white noise and the ENT tested and said you have a degradation. I have high uric acid which I try to reduce. We're trying Vastarel to relieve the noise. It doesn't bother that much but it's clear that non directional hearing is worse and I have a hard time hearing people talk in meeting exchanges.

      Anyway I'm a kind and gentle person looking forward to being part of the community.

      Anyone in Toulouse can contact me and I'll try to help.
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    2. Uklawyer

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      Medication - antidepressants
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      England - up North, Near Manchester
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      stress/adrenalin + forgetting to breathe enough when online
      Hi, welcome here...
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